GSL is committed to the protection of the environment in all its activities. GSL recognizes that environmental management is an important component to operating a responsible business, as is maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

Government regulation significantly affects the ownership and operation of vessels. Consequently, GSL is subject to international conventions and codes as well as national, flag state and local laws and regulations in force in the countries in which our vessels may operate or are registered, including those governing the management and disposal of hazardous substances and wastes, the clean-up of oil spills and other contamination, air emissions, and water discharges and ballast water.

Under the Company's guiding environmental principles, GSL recognizes and adheres to all applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and other requirements and maintains necessary permits or approvals where required by national and local governmental and non- governmental organizations. GSL is also committed to maintaining operating standards for all of its vessels that emphasize operational safety, quality maintenance, continuous training of officers and crews and compliance, where applicable, with United States and international regulations.

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