Business Strategy

GSL's business strategy is to be a preferred provider of chartered containership tonnage to top-tier liner shipping companies generating shareholder value based on predictable cash flows from fixed-rate charters (leases).

Expand our customer base.
We have developed charter relationships with leading global liner operators and niche carriers. We intend to continue to selectively expand our customer base over time, capitalizing on the industry expertise and extensive relationship network of our management team and Board of Directors.

Maintain a diverse fleet of containerships.
We intend to maintain our fleet to high standards, with a mix of gearless and geared containerships (i.e. those with on-board cranes to allow self-loading and unloading), primarily focused in the mid-size and smaller tonnage segments, to meet the diverse needs of our target customer base.
Be opportunistic.
We aim to preserve financial flexibility so as to be able to take advantage of value-accretive opportunities to enhance our fleet portfolio and optimize our capital structure throughout the cycle.

Be cost competitive.
GSL will continue to actively manage its capital structure and operating cost base to eliminate inefficiencies and minimize the blended costs of its service offering while maintaining the highest level of service quality.

Maintain a portfolio of time charters with staggered durations
Our objective is to maintain a staggered expiration of our charters in order to reduce re-chartering risk and maintain stable and predictable revenues throughout the market cycle.

Capitalize on accretive acquisitions.
GSL intends to acquire charter-attached vessels that are accretive to distributable cash flows, meet stringent technical quality requirements, comply with targeted return thresholds and complement the scope of the GSL service offering and portfolio approach to risk management.
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